FANDOM is a website created by "Xenophobia Prevention Initiative" in cooperation with forum users.

The aim of the project is to analyze the data and provide objective information about the events in Agdam, during which civilians of Khojaly village were killed. Agdam events have become one of a major promotional factors used by Azerbaijan against the Armenian side.

At the same time work on the factual material showed that the Azerbaijani side is using a large number of fakes, including the use of photographs of people killed in other conflicts or natural disasters.

In the work on project, materials submitted by the Azerbaijani side were mostly used, interviews and statements taken from both Azerbaijani and independent sources. Armenian materials on the site are included only as an analysis of materials presented from these sources, or for complex information on the issue.

The work on the project goes on. "The initiative to prevent xenophobia" expresses its gratitude top the "Centre of Public Relations and Information" under the Administration of the President of Armenia for the assistance in work on the project.

Between Hunger and Power - Khojaly Documentary Official Trailer

Between Hunger and Power - Khojaly Documentary Official Trailer

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