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This wiki is made to show the truth behind the Khojaly Genocide, an event that took place in 1992 during the Nagorno-Karabakh war in which Azerbaijan claims that the massacre was committed by Armenian armed forces, with help of the Russian 366th Motor Rifle Regiment, against 613 Azerbaijani civilians. These claims have been used by Azerbaijan against Armenia. However, the material presented by the Azerbaijani side shows a large number of fakes, such as the use of photographs of people killed in other conflicts or natural disasters.

This wiki uses materials submitted by the Azerbaijani side, interviews and statements taken from both Azerbaijani and independent sources. Armenian materials are also included as an analysis of materials presented from these sources and for complex information on the issue.

Topics About Khojaly (The Massacre, Falsifications, Interviews, etc.)

The Official Story

The Truth About the Events in Khojaly

Questions About Khojaly

Forgery and Falsification

Interviews and Witnesses

United Nations Documents and Letters Regarding Khojaly

The Khojaly Offensive

The Causes of Casualties Among Civilians In Khojaly

The Total Number of Casualties

About the Role of the CIS 366th Regiment

The Political Situation in Azerbaijan in 1991-1992

Conclusion on the Khojaly Events

Development of the Events in Khojaly After February 26

Reasons for the Assault of Khojaly

The Greatest Intergalactic Tragedy in the History of the Universe the Insignificant Khojaly Incident

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