The state propaganda of Republic of Azerbaijan having taken the thesis about the “Azerbaijani Genocide” implemented by Armenians in Khojalu up to this day continues to insist on the version of what happened from a biased point of view relevant to its interpretation.

Most probably, this way the Azerbaijani authorities tried to erase from the memory humanity the bloody Armenian pogroms in Sumgait (February 1988) and in Baku (January 1990) as well as the mass killings of Armenians in Maragha and Khramorth villages in summer 1992. On the other hand Baku tries to use accusations to address the Armenians as one more «weighty» proof of its ambitious demands towards Armenian territories, which are justified neither legally, nor historically.

However, the more important thing is that authorities of modern Azerbaijan are trying to forcibly attach the intolerable burden of genocidal psychology to its own people. Imposing of feeling of genocide and its subsequent politization is a not less heavy crime before the Azerbaijanis. The atmosphere of revanchism cultivating among Azerbaijani society is aimed to play down social hardships and dissatisfaction of Azerbaijanis.

No doubt that during the time bitter truth about massacre of Khojalu civilians will be known to the world. Then neither the former Azerbaijani authorities and their foreign protectors, nor the current authorities cannot justify themselves for this crime and especially before their OWN PEOPLE.

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